Tuesday, June 9, 2015

On 05/09/15 Flint Police Ofc. Frost responded to a report of a fight. On scene it was reported to Ofc. Frost that a female had been attacked by another female while several others stood by and cheered on the aggressor. A member of the neighborhood watch, Ms. Radakovich, was in the area and observed the assault. Ms. Radakovich intervened and stopped the assault and prevented any serious injury to the victim. Ms. Radakovich put herself in harm's way to protect the life of a stranger and has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for her selfless act of heroism. Thank you Ms. Radakovich!#FlintCares

This incident ended when Ms. Radakovich intervened, with the volatile crowd fleeing the scene, however we would like to caution citizens about intervening in situations that could have an alternate, possibly violent result. Safety first!