Monday, June 8, 2015

UPDATE... Chyna Kemp (21) was arrested this afternoon by the Michigan State Police Fugitive Team, which is comprised of law enforcement personnel from multiple agencies including the Flint Police Department. Zawntakia Kemp (26) has previously turned herself in. 

On 06/06/15 Flint Police attended Bridging the Gap at Metropolitan Baptist Church. Capt. Golden and Lt. Pillsbury spoke with youth about police work, interactions between police officers and the community and ways to foster a mutual trust between the two. Open and candid discussions between law enforcement and the community are important to the Flint Police department in their goal of maintaining lines of communication. Working together we can make a difference. ‪#‎FlintCares‬

UPDATE.... Early this morning Felice Erskine (31) contacted the Flint Police Department. Her whereabouts have been confirmed and she is safe.