Sunday, April 20, 2014

4-20-14, 7:52 am: 911 gets a “Suspicious Person” report: man is stripping siding off of a house on Chevrolet Ave. Officers are dispatched.
The first officer reports that the man has jumped off the roof of the address and is running; the chase is on.
He’s running towards another officer’s position but changes direction and is reported at Cartier and Perry St. Then officers lost sight of him, but they continue to search the area.
At 8:09 the man is seen again running through someone’s backyard and over a fence.
Several more fences are hopped by both suspect and officers. And he is caught.
Throughout the chase officers have been aided by citizens who have pointed out where the man may have gone as well as callers to 911 reporting his location. Between that and one particularly observant officer who noticed a footprint this fellow is not going anywhere else (except jail) today.
Mott Park has had a lot of scrapping problems especially in the last month. Today, one scrapper is in jail.